Our Vision

Our Mission Statement is to be "faith, hope and love - in community".

Through our love of God, known to us by the presence of the Holy Spirit of Jesus, it is our vision to be:

Warm and Welcoming
Providing a warm and welcoming environment to everyone.

Worshipping and Learning
Offering worship and learning accessible for all generations.

Encouraging and Enabling
Encouraging and enabling everyone to grow in their faith.

Loving and Caring
By offering practical support, in order to benefit the community and change lives, through the love and example of Jesus.

Exciting and Relevant
Showing we are excited at having the opportunity to introduce men and women, boys and girls, to 21st century life in the Kingdom of God.

Our aim is to see the impact of this vision in the lives of our members and town. We want to see:

  • A Church overflowing in the praise of our God bringing glory and honour due to His Holy Name.
  • New believers being established in the truth of God's Word.
  • The whole Church working towards the ‘Great Commission’ of going out to introduce new people to a life of Christian discipleship.
  • Members being a clear voice in this generation and nation, declaring God's righteousness and justice.