The Beginning

Our Church began meeting in 1959 when two members of the Hucknall Baptist Church moved to live on the newly developed Ruffs Estate. These two women, Mary Cooper and Flossie Stewart, recognized the number of young families moving in around them and invited the children into their homes on a Sunday afternoon for ‘Sunday School’.

SRBC Begins

It was already established that the town’s Council had designated a corner plot on the estate for the building of a Non-Conformist Chapel, and their Minister, Rev. Wragg, felt it was God’s will for him to stake a claim on it. He purchased a wooden hut from the nearby RAF Camp (which was being closed down and dismantled) and had it erected on the Seymour Road site. A handful of adults from the main Church agreed to come and support this new work and the life of 'Seymour Road Baptist Church' began in earnest with around 200 children turning up every week!

First Building

In 1965, the first permanent building was constructed ....

Building Re-Fit

.... followed by a complete re-fit and a new extension opening in 1999. Throughout these years, and in many different ways, God has blessed us both spiritually and practically as His work continues here in the west of Hucknall.

Rev Joins

In 2002 our current minister, Rev. Vanessa Hollingworth, joined the Church.

Name Change

In January 2017 the Church changed its name to 'West Hucknall Baptist Church', which better reflects our locality and the area we are called to serve in.

Refurb Works

In February 2017 the Church members voted to refurbish and extend our own building so that we can hold more community based groups, be open more often, and be a better resource / functional space in the area.

An architect was appointed to get plans drawn up and these were approved by the local Council in August 2017. Having acquired quotes for the work we decided that extending the building isn't achievable at this moment in time.

In March 2019 we decided to refurbish areas of the building using the existing footprint. This includes a new kitchen, new disabled toilet at the back of Church, a full refurb of the hall, and replacement of the old green cladding on the outside of the building.


We are so excited about where God is taking us as a Church and long to see His will be done in our lives and our town. Amen!