WLTDO Dates 2020

The next WLTDO dates are as follows. All are 10am til 11:30am

11th Jan
8th Feb
14th Mar
11th Apr
9th May
13th Jun
11th Jul
8th Aug
12th Sep
10th Oct
14th Nov
12th Dec

Play, crafts, toys, and bacon butties - for dads, granddads, or male carers and their young children. Time to give mums a break for a morning!

'Who Let The Dads Out’ is a group at West Hucknall Baptist Church for dads and their kids (0-10 years old). The group is an activity based session for fathers and children to attend together. The sessions give dads and their children the opportunity to spend time with each other, mix with other families, have fun and engage with the Church.

Who Let The Dads Out is a growing movement that resources Churches to reach out to dads, father figures and their children. Click here to visit the Who Let The Dads Out website and find out more.